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Hard Money Lending

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Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan is primarily used for real estate investment, and development projects. They can be obtained by individual investors or businesses for real estate assets both domestic and foreign. Hard Money loans are not provided for primary residences. Hard Money loans can be acquired for 1st position and 2nd position financing. Applicants typically must show at least 30 - 40% in equity or liquidity (LTV) for financing. Hard Money lending comes with a higher rate of interest due to the additional risk assumed for the loan by the private lenders or equity groups. Hard money lending comes with shorter repayment terms than traditional financing. Hard money lenders will provide these private loans for on average 1 to 3 year terms. Private lenders do not issue hard money loans as a means to replace traditional longer term financing, but to help in the acquisition or development of real estate portfolios. These are interest only loans. So it's important before proceeding that you know what the loan exit strategy is for repayment of the principle balance before applying. 

Hard money loans are available for the following (Non-owner occupied) asset classes: 

- Residential acquisition (includes Rehab / Flipping) 

- Multi-unit & apartment complexes 

- Commercial (i.e. office, retail, and industrial) 

- Land 

- Construction & re-development projects (i.e. bridge & mezzanine financing) 

Note: Private lenders do not issue hard money loans without fees. So it's important that you as an investor have the liquidity to put into the purchase, and to cover the closing costs (i.e. appraisal, etc). The amount of liquidity required varies based on the requested loan amount.