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Hard Money Lending

largest hard money lender network

  • Serving investors across the U.S.
  • Funding short term loans when you need it
  • bridge financing available

Commercial Loan

servicing investment portfolios across the U.S.

  • All commercial property types
  • Funding projects even your banks aren't
  • Commercial Loan refinancing available

Home loan

financing your home ownership dreams

  • Lenders include HUD, FHA, & VA loans
  • Nationwide financing
  • Refinancing & Loan Mitigation available

Small Business Loan

goverment is focused on supporting small business growth

  • Our partner loan consultants can prepare your loan package
  • Government backed loans
  • 7(a), Patriot Express, 504 loanprograms

Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

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No, Hard Money loans are not provided for personal residences.  Our residential lending department can be of assistance.

Hard Money is a term that has been used to describe a loan made on the raw equity of a particular property. Instead of lending on the lower of the appraised value or selling price, Hard Money Lenders lend a percentage of the Property Value.

Hard Money Loans are based on the investment property value, your exit strategy and your ability to pay the monthly interest payment. To begin, you will be required to submit an online account application.

Hard Money Loan terms typically average 2-3 years.  Some lenders may offer a couple more years depending on property/project.

Once your application is submitted a Hard Money Agent representative will contact you to review your application.  At that point HMA will get to work on matching your loan against the best source within our lender network.  Then the representative will follow up with you with your loan options.

No, Hard Money Agent doesn't charge an application fee.

Hard Money Agent applications are submitted over a secured network connection.  An HMA representative will then follow up with you for additional information.

You will have an HMA representative working with you through out the process and providing necessary updates.  They will be sure to explain everything so that you completely understand your options.


Yes, Hard Money Agent does offer commercial and residential refinancing assistance.

The Hard Money Agent lender network has varying loan minimum and maximum limits per loan product.

Yes, there are lender programs that offer reserves for repairs/construction costs.

The average Loan-to-Value (LTV) that our Hard Money lending network will loan is around 70% LTV.

Our goal at Hard Money Agent is to continue growing our lender network to cover funding across the United States, and internationally.

This varies according to lender and loan product.

Yes you will need to have a signed contract before submitting the online loan request.

Our lender network has varying criteria pertaining to an applicant’s credit score.  Our goal is to match you with the best lender for your loan type and situation.

Yes, an appraisal will be required.

Loan Fees vary according to lender and loan product.

No, Hard Money Agent does not issue pre-approval letters.

Yes, Hard Money Agent will work on obtaining a lender for each application.

Hard Money Loans, and our lender network includes commercial and residential lenders.

Hard Money Agent provides an opportunity for your application to be shopped against the largest nationwide lending network.  This provides you with the best chance for funding and terms amongst competing lenders.  One application and Hard Money Agent gets to work for you when your bank says no.

Hard Money Agent lenders have loan products available for residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, land, and development assets.

Closing periods vary based on loan product and applicant.  They typically range from a couple weeks to a couple months.  We will most often pre-approve your loan subject to certain conditions within a couple days.

Yes, Hard Money Agent offers credit repair solutions.  Applicants have been able to secure funding with these derogatory items based on date of filing, co-signors, and deposit amount.

The lenders within the Hard Money lender network have different criteria based on loan product.  An HMA representative will work with you to find the best lender for you.

The goal of Hard Money Agent is to find funding solutions for applicants when traditional banks say no.

There are some lenders offering programs for residential assets, but not for Commercial or Hard Money loans.  Commercial and Hard Money loans will require deposit and closing funds.

All loans are secured by the real estate and sometimes personal guarantees.  So applicants should have sufficient reserves and payoff plan before considering a loan.

Yes, lenders allow borrowers to take title in their LLC or corporate name.  Applicants applying under a company name must include their FID (Federal ID Number) and/or DUN’s (Dun & Bradstreet) number in the application process.

This varies based on level of applicants’ preparedness, lender, and loan product.

No, our lenders will only accept appraisals from their own approved list of appraisers.

Yes, every applicant completes an application review over the phone after submission.

Hard Money Agent is a web resource for applicants and lenders to acquire loans when traditional banks say no.

Our focus is on 100% customer service.  We are the largest Hard Money Lending network, providing qualified leads.

You be joining an industry leader in the Hard Money loan market.  Several thousand applicants use our engine to help find lenders to procure financing.